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Langmoor Primary School

About Us

Welcome to Langmoor Primary School’s website. We hope you find all the information you are looking for and that the website will give you a good insight into our close-knit school.

Our aim is to ensure that all children develop their talents, reach their full potential, and are happy during their time with us. Our motto is ‘Living, Learning and Laughing Together’, and we aim to fulfil this every day.

Langmoor is an academy, and enjoys the many benefits of being part of the Owls Academy Trust. We work collaboratively with other schools within the trust, as well as those who are part of the Oadby Learning Partnership. The Owls Academy Trust allows us to share knowledge, develop the best practices, and support each other.

Children leave our school in line with national expectations for Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Our curriculum supports the development of basic skills, as well as encouraging children to flourish in their particular areas of interest. We make sure to provide a broad range of experiences and opportunities, to ensure every child achieves their best. 

We have an amazing team of teachers and support staff, who create a safe and supportive environment at Langmoor. Our pupils are a pleasure to work with and ambassadors of our core values both in and outside of school. 

Langmoor is a Community School built in 1955. Six generously sized, self-contained classrooms are the bases for most of the children’s working time in school. However, much work also takes place in our newly equipped computer suite (very accessible with only seven classes to use it), the light and spacious school hall, our library areas, music and resources centre or indeed in our extensive, varied and attractive grounds. We also have Forest School located at the back of the Key Stage 2 playground which is proving a great hit with all the children. 

We have a new mobile building called 'The Ridge', which holds a designated cooking area, a non-fiction library and a conference room, as well as the new EYFS classroom.

We also have a breakfast club which starts at 7.45am. Two playgrounds and a great outdoor environment complete the picture.

Children start at Langmoor from September when they have their fifth birthday within that academic year, and can move on to Gartree, Manor or Beauchamp at the end of Year 6.

Kind regards

Mrs H Bonser



Langmoor is a Community School dating from 1955. The school has been one form entry since 2013.

We are part of a Multi Academy Trust with Glenmere Primary School, Little Hill Primary School, Fernvale Primary School, Hinckley Parks Primary School and New Lubbesthorpe Primary school which opened September 2019.

Seven generously sized, self-contained, closed classrooms are the bases for most of the children’s working time in school, of which one is a preschool facility.
Much work also takes place in our equipped computer suite, the school hall, library areas, music and resources centre and the extensive grounds. In 2018 our Forest School was established in the Outdoor Learning Centre. This helps to support the children in all aspects of their learning and their behaviour. Children visit Forest School once a week on a rotation throughout the year.  
A brand new demountable building, ‘The Ridge’, was installed in September 2015. The EYFS classroom occupies one half of the building. They have a purpose-built outdoor area for learning, and the other half of the building holds cooking and conference facilities as well as the Non-fiction library.
Langmoor is a one form entry primary school with an independent preschool facility. The preschool provides a breakfast club facility for Langmoor pupils starting at 7.45am until 8:45am.
There is a kitchen where school meals are prepared daily for Langmoor, and also for St John Fisher Primary School.
Two playgrounds on each side of the main building complete the picture, as well as a purpose built Outdoor Area for EYFS.

Children start at Langmoor in our Reception class and transfer to a choice of high schools in the local area at eleven years of age, after Year 6. 

Langmoor has a varied catchment area covering a wide range of social backgrounds. In each cohort there is a wide range of ability, which is reflected in the attainment of pupils at every stage. Typically, results in KS2 are unusually broad in their profile, showing a relatively high number of pupils that achieve well above average at the ends of the range.