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Little Hill Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School


Literacy (English)

Literacy is taught through all subjects at Langmoor, but every class has a dedicated English lesson every day.  There are three main genres for the English curriculum and each year group teaches various units on Fiction, Non Fiction and Poetry.

Where possible units are linked to Curriculum maps, and English is taught through History, Geography and Science.  The 2014 curriculum requires that children are taught Reading – word reading and comprehension, Writing – transcription, composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation and Spelling.

Below is the Primary National Curriculum Programmes of Study document for Literacy, provided by the UK Government.

Primary English

Below is a table that details units and genres taught across the year groups.​

Year group Fiction Non Fiction Poetry
Year 1 Stories with familiar settings

Stories from a range of cultures

Traditional and fairy tales

Fantasy worlds​

Labels, lists & captions


Recounts (Dictionaries)

Information texts

Recount (fact & fiction)

Using the senses

Pattern & Rhyme

Poems on a theme​

Year 2 Traditional stories

Stories by the same author

Extended Stories/Significant authors

Stories with familiar settings​


Information texts

Non Chronological reports


Silly Stuff

Really Looking

Patterns on the page​

Year 3 Authors and Letters

Adventure & Mystery

Dialogue & Plays

Myths & Legends

Stories with familiar settings​


Non Chronological Reports

Information texts


Shape Poetry & Calligrams

Language Play

Performance Poetry​

Year 4 Stories from other cultures


Stories from Imaginary Worlds

Stories which raise Issues & Dilemmas

Stories with Historical Settings​

Newspapers & Magazines

Persuasive texts


Exploring Form

Year 5

Fables, Myths & Legends

Stories from other cultures

Novels by significant authors

Older Literature

Dramatic conventions

Film Narrative​

Reports & Explanations

Persuasive Writing








Classic/Narrative Poetry

Choral and Performance Poetry

Poetic Style​






Year 6


Horror genre story

Futuristic blog

Fantasy story

Film narrative

Diary & 1st Person story

Visual Literacy

Crime Story

Non Fiction

Own Autobiography

Author biography

Police report

Argument, persuasion & debate

Newspaper reports


Descriptive poetry

Narrative poetry & older Literature