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Little Hill Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Our Staff


P. Merry
(Chief Education Officer) of OWLS Academy Trust)


H. Bonser

Teaching Staff

S.Waterfield - EYFS

J. Smith -Year 1

J. Bromell /E. Payne - Year 2

N. Ayub/L.Redfern - Year 3

D.Shelton - Year 4

J. Chapman - Year 5

K. Mayer - Gibb - Year 6


Support Staff

K. James - Nursery Nurse

S. Kaur - LSA

D. Ghilotti - LSA

J. Masson - LSA

G. Dillion - Hooper - LSA

S. Mills - LSA

T. Harvey - LSA

M. Macleod - LSA

J. Biddles - Sports Coach

Office Staff

K. Biddles - School Business Manager

T. Hassall - Administrative & Finance Assistant

B. Forbes - Administrative Assistant

Premises Staff

P. Groom - Site Manager
S. Bull - Cleaner
S. Baggley - Cleaner

Kids Club

P. Smith

C. Drury

S. Harrison

M. Macleod

Dining Staff/Supervisors

D. Smolinski
H. Whitmore
J. Livesey

N. Marvin
R. Ghani
S. Mills
S. Baggley