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Little Hill Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Parents' Information

Illness and Absence

We do ask that you would please contact the school on the morning of your child’s absence. This together with a letter on their return is much appreciated, not only for our records but also for the general safety of your child.

PE Kit and Names

Please continue to make sure your child has a complete named PE kit in school when needed. Thank you for your support here. It is appreciated by all the staff at school and helps to cut down on the time spent by children looking for ‘lost’ kit.

School Uniform

Thank you for supporting our School Dress Code. The children all look smart in their uniform and are proud to represent their school. We do have polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces for sale in a range of sizes along with other complementary items such as book bags and woolly hats. Please call in at the Office for more details.

Head lice

Recently we have had the occasional problem with head lice. This is not pleasant for the children concerned and for you as parents. Head lice do not just live in dirty hair, they will jump to any hair they have contact with. We will continue to notify classes if this occurs and the current advice from our nurse is to comb wet hair with a head lice comb every two days for a fortnight. Other family members may also need to be treated.

My Child At School (MCAS)

We use an online system called 'My Child At School' to send and receive messages from parents.  This is also where parents can pay for school lunches, trips etc.

We use the same system to book school clubs and to gain consent for school events, so it is a really important tool for home-school communication.  MCAS can be downloaded as an app, or it can be found by searching in Google. Please check MCAS regularly for messages from school.