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Little Hill Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

School Aims and Values

We aim to provide a safe and caring environment, where all children are given opportunities to succeed, take responsibility for their learning, and develop confidence in their own abilities. Our goal is to ensure that each child achieves their best and has a great start to their academic journey. 


  • We will create a safe and exciting school where everyone learns.
  • We will promote equal opportunities for all members of our school family to achieve their best.
  • We will work together to foster respect and responsibility, building good relations with the wider community.
  • We will encourage all to be tolerant of other people and to become active and caring members of society.
  • We will celebrate individual/team efforts and achievements, both in and out of school.

Core Values

Each half-term we promote one of our 6 Values. Our values are:







Children are encouraged to embody these values, and are rewarded for displaying these behaviours around school. Rewards include (but are not limited to): receiving pom-poms for their class jar; a nomination from the class teacher for 'Hot Chocolate Friday'; a Values certificate presented in assembly. 

Everyone's Welcome at Langmoor

'Everyone's Welcome' is a Leicester/Leicestershire initiative which uses the 'No Outsiders' resources and framework to teach the Equality Act (2010) to primary school children.

'No Outsiders' is a whole school approach which uses assemblies and story books to teach children about all aspects of difference and diversity. These principles are promoted in the Equality Act (2010) and are in line with British Values.