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Little Hill Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Sports Premium Funding

Physical Education is an important part of our curriculum. It can be the first step towards a healthy lifestyle and an enjoyment of sport, and we aim to ensure that all children have every opportunity to develop their sporting skills in an enjoyable atmosphere and a safe environment.

Physical Education channels the energy, high spirits, and competitiveness of the young in a socially beneficial way. Furthermore, sport can benefit everyone regardless of age and ability. It provides important lessons for life: team spirit, sportsmanship, playing within rules, self-discipline and dedication.

The wide range of activities taught enables each child to develop motor and manipulative skills, co-ordination, control mobility and strength. The activities taught within the school include the following:

Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Netball, Football, Rounders, Cricket, Short Tennis, Cross-Country running, Swimming and outdoor adventurous activities. There is also a chance for the children to attend a residential in Upper Key Stage 2. The children also have the opportunity to participate in inter-school friendly competitions, leagues and school Sports Day.

The school has the use of the extensive playing fields and hard playground surfaces that are marked with pitches, courts and tracks appropriate to the season. The large school hall is used for indoor games, gymnastics and dance, which also includes a good variety of equipment and apparatus.

Previous awards include Coach of the Year for Mr Biddles (2018), School Games Participation (2018) and a nomination for a Resilience Award (2020). 

Autumn 2022 we were awarded our Gold Sports Mark!

July 2023 the boys football team won the League Cup!

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Click on the link below for information on how we spent our PE grant.