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Little Hill Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Forest Schools

What is Forest School?

Originally a Scandinavian idea, Forest School offers an exciting opportunity for your child to experience nature and learn outdoors. At Forest School the children learn from first hand experience and develop skills like perseverance, independence and responsibility. (Linking with our whole school work on ‘Routes to Resilience’). These are all skills that will help them to achieve more when they are back in the classroom.

What are the benefits of Forest School?

• confidence and self esteem
• communication and social skills
• physical skills
• greater understanding and awareness of the
natural environment
• natural motivation and a positive attitude to
• the ability to recognise and manage risk
• healthier lifestyles

What happens at Forest School?

A Forest School session lasts around 1 hour. During this time children will have time to sit at base camp and discuss the week’s activities. The Forest School Leader will discuss safety and then children will be given time to explore the natural area and their own interests. They may choose to make dens, leave trails, go on scavenger hunts and make environmental art. 

Does Forest School still go ahead in bad weather?

Forest school will be able to go ahead in almost all weathers as the children should have clothes that will keep them warm and dry. We will only cancel if is too windy and unsafe to go to the Forest School site.

What does my child need to wear?

Your child will need to wear suitable clothing to school on the days that they do ‘Forest School’. Suitable clothes include:
- Wellies/old shoes
- Clothing that is OK to get muddy and dirty
- In hot weather children should wear light, cool clothing. They will need to wear long sleeve tops and trousers to protect them from scratchy trees. Please also make sure they have a hat.
- In cold weather make sure your child has enough layers on to keep them warm outside.
- A coat (waterproof with a hood).
• Extra socks – in case their socks get wet!