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Little Hill Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School



At Langmoor Primary School we believe that children who are happy and wise will achieve well and have the best life-chances. At Langmoor Primary School, we aim to equip all children with the means of developing their physical and emotional well-being, in order to lead confident, healthy and independent lives. We will encourage their social development by nurturing the positive attitudes, needed to become informed and responsible citizens within a diverse community.


Through a range of learning experiences, we aim to enable children:

· To think for themselves and to become increasingly responsible for their own learning

· To develop confidence and to recognise their own worth

· To develop the skills and personal qualities needed to fully participate and function in society

· To be able to share and cooperate with others

· To value the opinions, attitudes and cultural values of others

· To develop high standards of behaviour, based on the knowledge and understanding of what is right and wrong

· To develop an understanding of Health and Relationships, in relation to achieving fulfilling relationships and an appropriate, healthy lifestyle

· To take part in a range of activities and experiences beyond the school curriculum and to work with others both within the school community and outside

· To develop an understanding of the way in which Society functions, through its political and social institutions and how their lives, rights and responsibilities can be affected by them To equip children with decision making skills which will keep them safe online.

We use the 20 week condensed version of Kapow for PSHE. Below is the document that outlines the Skills and Vocabulary Progression across the school. 

Floor Books are used to evidence the children's learning