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Little Hill Primary School

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School


In our school, we aim to provide a learning atmosphere which encourages curiosity, perseverance, critical reflection, open-mindedness, and co-operation.  We endeavour to provide a broad and balanced learning experience for all our pupils and, wherever possible, the opportunities to develop skills and gain an understanding of science concepts through first-hand experience and practical work.

We want children to be able to question about the world around us and have strategies available in order to answer those questions. These strategies could include predicting, analysing, comparing, classifying and investigating. The ability to use ICT in order to develop our thinking and knowledge is also a prime focus of current science learning.

Children are taught Science 1-2 hours a week. In addition to this, we also hold an annual Science day during British Science Week in March. This is where science is taken out of the usual classroom. We offer a range of investigations which are aimed to develop pupils’ science inquiry. During Science day children are mixed up in a range of years and abilities. Together we bring science alive!